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What's DCAF ?

DCAF provides in-country advisory support and practical assistance programmes, develops and promotes appropriate democratic norms at the international and national levels, advocates good practices and makes policy recommendations to ensure effective democratic governance of the security sector.

DCAF's advantages

DCAF's advantages are :
 * neutrality and impartiality ;
 * the combination of strong operational capability with policy-oriented research ;
 * flexibility and intergovernmental support ;
 * expertise across the entire spectrum SSR (security sector reform) and SSG ( security sector governance)


DCAF was established in 2000 by the Swiss government. DCAF is an international foundation with 52 Member States. DCAF's main divisions are Operations Europe, Operation East and Africa, Resarch ans Special Programmes. The staff numbers over 100 employees from more than 30 countries.
DCAF's head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland.
DCAF also has permanent offices in Beirut, Brussels, Ljubljana and Ramallah.

Thematic Programmes

1. Security Governance Programme assisting the international community in the development of SSG/SSR norms, concepts and policies

2. Government Advisory Programme providing advice on the restructurating of security sector institutions

3. Parliamentary Assistance Programme developing legal frameworks, advising parliaments and providing staff training to enhance parliamentary oversight of the security sector

4. Defence Reform Programme developing programming and products to support defence reform in transition countries

5. Border Security Programme providing assistance in organising professional border security structures

6. Intelligence Reform Programme assisting the reform of intelligence services to embed accountability mechanisms

7. Police Reform Programme assisting police reform in transition countries

8. Civil Society Programme capacity-building on security sector oversignt issues for civil society organisations and the media

9. Gender, Children and Security Programme integrating the gender dimension into the SSR/SSG agenda

Regional Programmes

1. South-Eastern Europe Programme comprehensive SSR programming in the Western Balkans with emphasis on fostering regional security cooperation, border security and police reform, parliamentary oversignt and intelligence accountability

2. New Independant States Programme defence, intelligence and law enforcement reform programming and capacity-building for parliamentarians, ombuds institutions, civil society and security sector in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine and Moldova

3. Middle East and North Africa Programme disseminating SSR/SSG standards and assisting the development of oversignt capacity at executive, legislative and civil society level in the Arab region, in Palestine and Lebanon

4. Africa Programme setting norms and standards and building parliamentary and civil society oversignt capacity in West and Southern Africa

DCAF also conducts SSR-related projects in Asia (Afghanistan, Nepal, Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia) and in Latin America

International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT)

DCAF' International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) helps the international community design, implement, assess and evaluate SSR programmes ; ISSAT provides training and supports capacity-building in accordance with internationnaly recognised good practice.

For more information about DCAF visit  www.dcaf.ch

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