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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 17:57

The Council adopted the following conclusions :

1 "The Council reiterates its serious and deepening concerns over the nature of Iran's nuclear programme, and in particular over the findings on Iranian activities relating to the development of military nuclear technology, as reflected in the latest IAEA report. In this regard, the Council strongly supports the resolution adopted by the IAEA Board of Governors, which expresses deep and increasing concerns about unresolved issues and stresses the grave concern posed by Iran’s continued refusal to comply with its international obligations and to fully co-operate with the IAEA.

2. In the light of these concerns, the Council has today designated a further 180 entities and individuals to be subject to restrictive measures. These designations include entities and individuals directly involved in Iran’s nuclear activities, which are in violation of UNSC resolutions; entities and individuals owned, controlled or acting on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL); and members of, as well as entities controlled by, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

3. In accordance with the European Council Declaration of 23 October, the Council further agreed that, given the seriousness of the situation, including the acceleration of the near 20% uranium enrichment activities by Iran, in violation of six UNSC resolutions and eleven IAEA Board resolutions, and the installation of centrifuges at a previously undeclared and deeply buried site near Qom, as detailed in the IAEA report, the EU should extend the scope of its restrictive measures against Iran.

4. In particular, the Council agreed to broaden existing sanctions by examining, in close coordination with international partners, additional measures including measures aimed at severely affecting the Iranian financial system, in the transport sector, in the energy sector, measures against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as in other areas. The Council tasked preparatory Council bodies to further elaborate these measures for adoption, no later than by the next Foreign Affairs Council.

5. The Council again reaffirmed the longstanding commitment of the European Union to work for a diplomatic solution of the Iranian nuclear issue in accordance with the dual track approach. The Council welcomes and fully supports the continuing efforts of the EU High Representative on behalf of the E3+3 aimed at convincing Iran to enter into meaningful talks on concrete confidence building measures. The Council calls upon Iran to respond positively to the offer of negotiations in the EU High Representative’s latest letter by demonstrating its readiness to seriously address existing concerns on the nuclear issue.

6. The Council reaffirms that the objective of the EU remains to achieve a comprehensive and long-term settlement which would build international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear programme, while respecting Iran’s legitimate rights to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy under the NPT."

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