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EUISS debate: the Arab democratic wave

Following the extraordinary events that have been unfolding across the Arab world, the EUISS has opened an online debate to discuss the implications of the Arab democratic wave for EU foreign policy. The EUISS has invited academics, policymakers, think tankers and other influential voices from a variety of backgrounds including from North Africa, the Middle East and Europe to contribute to this pluralistic online debate.

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Revolutionary twists and turns in the Middle East


by Rouzbeh Parsi

In the fallout of the Egyptian revolution, many linkages are being made between the revolutions in Egypt in 2011 and Iran in 1979. The author argues that the backdrops and dynamics to each of these revolutions were too unique to their times to shoehorn linkages between them.

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The Arab World and Europe - new challenges for the Union of the Mediterranean 

by Risto Veltheim 

Unemployment in North Africa has been growing for some time. The Union for the Mediterranean was designed to inject investment into the region, but has largely fallen flat due to political problems. It could well see its end if the Middle East Peace Process doesn't get back on track soon.

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Managing the migration of the Arab democratic wave

by Roderick Parkes

As Italy experiences an influx of migrants from Tunisia, EU Member States have been predictably more assertive about the EU's migration policy. The author argues that the EU should focus on strengthening its classical foreign policy tools abroad while working toward a more harmonious migration policy at home.

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