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A team of experts from the Centre for European Policy Studies, the Egmont Institute, European Policy Centre and the University of Leuven joined forces to produce a timely book on European diplomacy, on the occasion of the launch of the European Union’s External Action Service.

This book investigates two crucial factors that will in part determine whether the innovations and ambitions of the Lisbon Treaty for the European Union as a foreign policy actor will fructify: first, its status in the multitude of multilateral organisations and international agreements that deal with matters of European competence; and secondly, the structure of European diplomacy (i.e. the personnel strengths and costs of the twenty-seven Member State diplomacies alongside the new European External Action Service). ../...


Source : http://europeangeostrategy.ideasoneurope.eu/2011/01/26/making-the-external-action-service-more-effective/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+europeangeostrategy+%28European+Geostrategy%29


Please click here to order the book or download it.





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