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In November 2009, the ‘Law on Amendments to the “Law on Defence”’ proposed by President Medvedev entered into force. It allows the Kremlin to dispatch troops outside Russia for four purposes: to counter armed attacks against Russian armed forces, other troops and bodies deployed beyond its borders; to counter or prevent armed attack against another country if this country has requested Russia to do so; to protect Russian citizens abroad from an armed attack; and to combat piracy and guarantee the safety of shipping.

The Report (pdf) : UPI_Briefing_Paper_47_2009.pdf UPI_Briefing_Paper_47_2009.pdf

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FIIA was established in its present form in 2007, having existed up to that point and since the 1960s as a private foundation.
The Institute's aim is to produce policy-relevant analysis on a strategic level in order to improve decision-making as well as public awareness in Finland. The Institute is involved in academic and public discussion in its field, and the research work carried out by the staff utilizes both national and international networks.
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Source : http://www.europesworld.org/
NEWSLETTER #43 - EW Issue 13 - Autumn 09

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