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Publié par Patrice Cardot

I am pleased to announce the publication of Friends of Europe's first Fellowship report entitled " The Lessons of the Eurozone's Crisis that Should Shape the EU's G20 Stance ", written by Dr. Yannos Papantoniou, former Greek Finance Minister and President of the Centre for Progressive Policy Research.


The full document : Lessons of Eurozone Crisis that Should Shape the EU's G20 S Lessons of Eurozone Crisis that Should Shape the EU's G20 S


The report draws lessons from Greece's debt crisis to propose eurozone reforms and also a more proactive approach by the EU to global governance issues. It advocates a permanent secretariat for the G20 and a number of regulatory and supervisory rules that would cover banking and financial services around the world. "The aim," says Papantoniou, "is to ensure no repeat of the financial crash that pushed much of the world into recession, while also giving a fair deal to emerging economies." The need to adapt international rules governing trade and financial services to the requirements of new giants like China, India and Brazil, and of Third World countries battling poverty led to the establishment of the G20. But it has yet to reach agreement on the wide range of reforms to be introduced.

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